Tacoma Closer to Shutting Down Medical Marijuana Collectives

All medical marijuana collectives in Tacoma could soon have to shut down.

City leaders addressed plans last week to send out letters to cease operations as early as January, as they are not licensed under Initiative 502. Both business owners and patients are now expressing concerns.

From its name to the signature green cross donned on its signs, it isn’t hard to figure out what’s inside Ancient Holistic Remedies in Tacoma.

“This is our apothecary,” said owner Kimberly Braga. “It’s our traditional Eastern apothecary, and we do have cannabis.”

Richard and Kimberly Braga opened up their business in 2012 in honor of Kimberly’s dad, who died of cancer. His treatment of choice was marijuana. They now serve people like Susan Fairchild, who have turned to cannabis for healing.

“There are days I could not cut hair if I didn’t have this to rub on my feet, my joints and my hands because I have severe arthritis,” said Fairchild.

However, Ancient Holistic Remedies and an estimated 50 other collectives could soon be forced to close its doors. The Tacoma City Council revealed a plan to shut down unregulated pot shops in the start of the new year.

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