Did Ferguson Prosecutors Focus Unduly on Marijuana?

Could marijuana really have contributed to the deadly confrontation between Michael Brown and Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson?

With the record in the grand jury investigation now open to the public, commentators and analysts are poring over the details for explanations as to why the grand jury decided not to indict Mr Wilson for shooting Brown. The drug angle has garnered particular attention and, from some corners, criticism.

According to a toxicology report conducted by the government, Brown had 12 nanograms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – an active ingredient of marijuana – in his blood when he died.

The evidence was presented to the grand jury, and assistant county prosecutor Kathi Alizadeh interviewed the county's toxicologist as to the potential implications.

He told the grand jury that tests indicated Brown had smoked marijuana "within a couple of hours" of his death and it could have had hallucinogenic effects if taken in a high enough dose.

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