Melissa Etheridge To Market Marijuana-Infused Wine

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tokin Woman Melissa Etheridge moved the medical marijuana issue forward in 2005 when she told Dateline NBC she used it for chemotherapy.

The rocker went further in 2010, appearing at a press event in favor of California’s effort to legalize the weed for all adults. “I don’t want to look like a criminal to my children anymore,” she said. “I want them to know this is a choice that you make as a responsible adult.”

Etheridge donated proceeds from a 2011 film she made about breast cancer to the medical marijuana movement, and she won a 2013 Tokey Award for penning the oped, “Pot Got Me Through” for CNN.

It is fitting then that Etheridge is joining the ranks of female marijuana entrepreneurs, as celebrated by last week.

The singer told Bloomberg News that she is working on a cannabis-infused wine that “tastes amazing.” She called the venture “a huge opportunity” and said she looks forward to “bringing this to a world in a not scary way, not a drug, outlaw way…this is an American business that really needs a lot of help.”

Ellen Komp is Deputy Director of California NORML and a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. She manages the website and blogs at Tokin Woman.