Minnesota Mom Charged For Giving Son Medical Marijuana

Angela Brown is accused of giving her 15-year-old son marijuana oil to relieve pain from a traumatic brain injury. Now, the Madison, Minnesota, resident faces child endangerment and causing a child to need protection charges.

During a 2011 baseball game, her son, Trey Brown, was hit in the temple by a line drive while pitching. The injury caused the teen’s brain to bleed, resulting in severe pain. Brown claims her son was in so much pain that he started harming himself and even considered suicide.  

After countless mediations failed, Brown took the advice of an emergency room doctor: Try medical marijuana. The family traveled to Colorado to purchase cannabis oil and, to her relief, it seemed to work.

“Trey would describe it as reducing the pressure in his head. He didn’t have the pressure anymore and his muscles would calm down,” Brown told CNN affiliate KARE. “Everything was great until I opened my mouth to the wrong person and I got turned in. And family services questioned my son at school, the cops came to my workplace.”

Brown says after the family’s explanation, the county’s family services department dropped the case, but the Lac Qui Parle County attorney decided to pursue criminal charges, according to KARE. Minnesota’s new medical marijuana law doesn’t go into effect until July 2015.

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    Outrageous! Free the people to decide what is best for themselves. Sick!