Manitoba Hemp Processor Expands

The largest hempseed processing plant in the world is under construction south of Winnipeg.

Hemp Oil Canada, which produces hempseed oil, hemp protein and hemp flour, announced the construction of a $13.6 million plant in Ste. Agathe Sept. 26.

President Shaun Crew said the new facility would triple Hemp Oil Canada’s existing production capacity of three million pounds a year.

“This will boost us to well over nine million lb., once we enter the facility,” Crew said during a news conference.

“Within the facility there is still room for more equipment, so growth is inevitable.”

The federal government is providing a “repayable contribution” of $4.6 million to Hemp Oil Canada to build the new plant.

MP Ted Falk said the funding makes sense because the North American retail market for hemp products is more than $500 million a year.

“Hemp is taking off in this country, and one of the big reasons is right here in Ste. Agathe,” he said.

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