Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Supporters Implore Republican Leaders to Respect the Public’s Will

Culture wars, not science or good government, are to blame for the fact that marijuana is illegal for use as a medicine.

That was a major theme at a gathering outside the Pennsylvania Capitol on Monday which drew a contingent of medical marijuana backers that crossed cultural, age and political lines.

One of the speakers was Shawn Berkebile, the pastor of what he described as a largely conservative Lutheran congregation in Abbottstown, Adams County.

“Talk about it as a medicine,” he urged the crowd. “It is an amazing thing that has given life and health to so many people.”

Berkebile said he and many others in the congregation were swayed by a young girl who has disabling seizures which aren’t controlled by conventional medicines, and who has sustained liver damage from the medicines.

– Read the entire article at Penn Live.



  1. Mrs. Ratsrectum on

    illegal and Pennsylvania is the hemorrhoid on the anus that is Washington, DC.

  2. Teppy on

    Well said

  3. fumes on

    It’s a Gateway Drug! And it’s Mind-altering! Gateway to good living and mind-altering to better thinking. What’s not to like?