Christy Clark, Your Purple Kush Marijuana Is In the Mail

Could ending the months-long B.C. teachers’ strike be as simple as Christy Clark, Peter Fassbender, and Jim Iker hot boxing it in the premier’s minivan?

Marijuana activist Dana Larsen said today (September 11) that he has sent the premier some weed in the mail.

“I sent the Premier some cannabis buds for two reasons,” Larsen said in a news release. “First, I thought if she could get together with Peter Fassbender, Jim Iker and their negotiating teams to share a joint, it would help break down some barriers and give the BCTF negotiations a fresh start.

“Second, I wanted to remind the Premier that legalization would mean over $200 million in annual savings and revenue for her government. Legal, taxed marijuana sales would mean a lot more money for our schools, as well as hospitals, libraries and other community services.

“We know that Christy used to smoke pot in high school, but now that she’s Premier she’s ignoring the wonderful benefits this crop could have for our province.”

By the way, in 2004, a Fraser Institute researcher estimated that legalizing B.C.’s marijuana crop would create over $2 billion in tax revenue nationally a year.

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