High-Profile Marijuana Activist Files for Federal Liberal Nomination

A high-profile advocate for marijuana legalization has filed her papers to run as a Liberal in the next federal election, putting the spotlight on an issue that the Conservatives have used to attack Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

Jodie Emery filed her nomination papers Monday in Vancouver East, a riding the NDP has held since 1997. Ms. Emery is a prominent marijuana legalization advocate, along with her husband Marc Emery, known as the “Prince of Pot,” who returned to Canada last month after serving an American jail sentence over selling marijuana seeds.

Her path to candidacy, however, remains unclear. The party declined comment, though one Liberal source cautioned early signs are “it will not be smooth sailing” for Ms. Emery despite her high profile. She’ll go through the normal process to be approved as a candidate for the Liberal nomination in the riding.

Ms. Emery, however, has the backing of local Liberals, including a former riding president, who is currently the party’s election-readiness chair in the riding, and a former vice-president. She says they approached her to run.

“I understand the Liberals don’t want the media marijuana star couple trying to steal the limelight or whatever, but it’s not about us. For Marc and I, it’s about trying to get [Stephen] Harper out of office. For me, that’s my primary goal,” Ms. Emery, 29, said Monday. “… For many proud Canadians who are disappointed in this government, I think the Liberal party offers a great party to join and support to take back this country for the people, the environment and everything else that is so important.”

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