Whoopi Goldberg on Cuomo’s ‘Restrictive’ Marijuana Law

Whoopi Goldberg has some criticisms of New York’s recently enacted medical marijuana law, and some questions for Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In a column on the Denver Post‘s marijuana-related website, The Cannabist, the Oscar-winning actress took issue with the law enacted in June this year, questioning why the drug can be used to treat some medical conditions and not others.

“I’m sorry to say the governor’s plan doesn’t include conditions like glaucoma, migraines or severe menstrual disorders — very real issues for people who suffer from them, myself included (glaucoma),” she wrote.

The law’s scope was significantly limited after multiple rounds of negotiations with the legislature and Cuomo’s office.

“I would have loved to have had a conversation with the governor and his staff,” Goldberg wrote. “I probably would have asked, ‘Did y’all talk to a whole lot of patients? How did you come up with the list of conditions? And did you talk to any of the other governors about what affect medical marijuana has had on patients?’”

Goldberg also criticized the law’s ban on smokeable forms of marijuana.

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