Police Chiefs and Politicians Go Corporate Medical Marijuana in B.C.

Seeking to profit from Canada’s new medical marijuana regulations — which put the production and sale of high-grade weed into the hands of corporations and penny-stock outfits — promoters are turning to former police chiefs and prominent politicians to help sell their products and attract mom and pop investors.

“I’ve never smoked pot and I don’t want to,” says John Reynolds, a former MP with the Progressive Conservative, Reform and Canadian Alliance parties. “I have no interest in using the product whatsoever.”

But he was just named advisor to Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Vancouver-based, publicly traded company that hopes to obtain a Health Canada licence to sell high-quality marijuana to medical patients.? Joining him on the Vodis advisory board is Senator Larry Campbell, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and Vancouver mayor.

As with all things marijuana, British Columbia is a hotbed of penny-stock pot promotion.

The two men may disagree on marijuana reform — Mr. Campbell wholeheartedly endorses legalization, while Mr. Reynolds is more cautious — but they have similar roles as corporate cannabis advisors.

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