Trudeau and Emery Didn’t Meet at Vancouver BBQ, But They Still Managed to Talk About Each Other

A sunny afternoon in the park almost brought pro-Liberal pot activist Jodie Emery and pro-pot Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau together for the first time. Almost.

Trudeau attended the B.C. Day Liberal barbecue in Vancouver’s Douglas Park on Monday with federal Liberal candidates and supporters, where Emery made an appearance. She told The Province she was “impressed” by Trudeau’s speech to attendees, though she didn’t get the chance to meet him.

Emery is planning to run in 2015 for the Liberal Party of Canada in the Vancouver East riding, which has been held by NDP MP Libby Davies since 1997. To do this, Emery will need to drum up support from Trudeau, who would get the final word on her eligibility.

“I understand the leader has to sign off on all candidates if they win their nomination race,” she said. “If I do win that, I imagine he would probably allow me to join the team, but, of course, there’s no doubt some nerves about it. But I hope to demonstrate in the coming months that we can actually bring some real value to the party — that’s my plan.”

Trudeau was unclear about where he stands on Emery’s political ambitions. After speaking after the event about his policies on marijuana control and regulation, Trudeau skirted questions about Emery’s potential as a Liberal.

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