Retired Marijuana Smuggler Brian O’Dea Tells TMZ Viewers Tales

Vapor Central has never been so quiet during a livestream of The Mernahuana Zone. Jaws dropped, eyes popped out, and the silence was unreal as retired marijuana smuggler Brian O’Dea wowed the weekly weed webcast’s audience. When your last run involves 75 tonnes of cannabis, you clearly receive beyond classroom like respect.  Unfortunately cannabis history 101 isn’t an elective yet, but celebrating our past is crucial part of ending prohibition. 

O’Dea explained how he got started by constantly seeking more affordable cannabis for himself and others. Staying in Canada at first, Toronto and Montreal, but ultimately Vietnam, which was producing plenty of pot. A natural explorer, he co-piloted a plane with no experience and beat a DEA dragnet by switching fishing boats to bring in bud. His crew of friends adopted a pirate like vibe complete with bird.   

Fascinatingly, O’Dea clarifies a lore regarding cannabis history. The cannabis came from Vietnam, but tokers thought it was Thai. These strains remain his all-time favorite and he also spoke about how he could do business in a rough country.

They were non violent and the people they dealt with were non violent too.

The DEA crushed all these smugglers, including O’Dea, who long after going straight, was charged and sentenced to ten years. Host Matt Mernagh asked, “Was it because you had DEA in your name?”

Find out the answer by watching Brian O’Dea on The Mernahuana Zone.

Matt Mernagh is the author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains. On sale now from Amazon, Urban Outfitters or iTunes. The Mernahuana Zone is webcast every Tuesday from 7-1020pm ET live from Vapor Central with on demand available via SoundCloud, iTunes and YouTube.   


Matt Mernagh
Matt Mernagh

Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker's Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains ( by Green Candy Press and hosts a weekly weedy webcast The Menahuana Zone on Pot.TV every Tuesday. The Mernagh Ruling is a test case of Canada's cannabis laws and was spearheaded by Mernagh, lawyer Paul Lewin and 22 witnesses from across Canada.