Doctors Ignore Science, Go All ‘Reefer Madness’

An hour before close on the Canadian markets, and there’s not one news release out from a medical marijuana company we’re tracking today. For a Monday, when companies like to throw good news out to start the week, this is an odd thing.

But the medical marijuana industry is in wait and see mode right now, with pretty much everyone waiting for Health Canada to approve another MMPR or two, while investors count down the days until companies like Bedrocan, Organigram, Aphria and the like debut on the markets.

Added to the weirdness, the Canadian Medical Association, otherwise known as ‘aging doctors looking for a nice quiet place to pad out their remaining years’, came out and broke with no tradition at all over the weekend by taking the stance that cannabis is harmful to you and we should all be scared of it.

In an article headlined ‘Medical marijuana producers attempting to woo doctors’, the sawbones brigade made a point of deriding the marijuana industry for sending out lots of sales guys in shiny suits to persuade doctors to use cannabis treatments, something the creaking leather armchair dwellers consider abhorrent.

Funny thing: they don’t seem to have a problem with Oxycontin salesmen and Ritalin hawkers taking doctors on golfing holidays in return for referrals, but that’s ‘good drugs’ while CBD treatments that help toddlers stop chronic seizures will make you rape donkeys and be mean to your parents and spend Saturday nights drag racing hot rods on the freeways, all hepped up on goofballs. Apparently.

The doctors, and I use the term loosely as they have a history of putting out angry white man press releases denigrating grown up pursuits without actually checking the science first (see their drive to ban mixed martial arts several years ago because it looks rough on TV), were represented by CMA President Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti, who was quoted as saying he’s “actually quite frightened” because the weedcos are ‘operating in the same way that pharmaceutical companies do.’

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