Clearing the Air on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Employers will ignore Mary Jane at their own peril in the wake of recent changes to Canada’s medical marijuana system, says one employment lawyer.

Companies should be prepared to accommodate a growing number of workers on weed after the federal government brought in its new regime, known as the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). Under the new guidelines, a patient must obtain a prescription for marijuana that they can bring to a federally licenced grower.

Employers have to understand their legal obligations when facing an employee with a pot prescription, according to employment lawyer David Whitten, including the fact that they must find a way to accommodate the employee’s need to use the drug in the workplace.

Currently, an estimated 40,000 Canadians treat various conditions with pot. But Health Canada estimates that nearly half a million Canadians will be using medicinal marijuana within 10 years.

“Employers are going to ignore Mary Jane at their own peril,” Whitten told in a telephone interview. “She’s coming to the dance whether they like it or not.”

So what are the most pressing issues that both medicinal marijuana users and their employers should know about? Here are Whitten’s top pieces of advice.

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