Utah’s Narrow Medical Marijuana Program Begins

Utah has issued its first registration cards Tuesday morning under a limited medical marijuana program allowing those with severe epilepsy to possess a low-potency extract.

The extract, called cannabidiol, doesn’t have the psychoactive properties that get users high and is believed by some to reduce severe seizures.

It can only be obtained from other states, as the program approved earlier this year by Republican Gov. Gary Herbert does not allow distribution of medical marijuana in Utah.

The program, which expires in 2016, is restricted to those with severe epilepsy for whom the regular treatments are not effective, and it requires a neurologist’s consent to obtain and use the extract.

Annette Maughan of Cedar Hills said she was “thrilled beyond belief” after receiving a card for her 11-year-old son, Glenn, who has a form of epilepsy that causes him to have seizures about every 90 seconds that range from major to minor, barely detectable seizures.

If the cannabidiol could allow her son to have even 72 hours without a seizure, “that’s a huge, huge thing for him,” she said.

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