Bill Clinton Says States Should Experiment With Medical Marijuana

Former president Bill Clinton spoke out in favor of letting states decide whether or not to legalize marijuana, pointing to “a lot of evidence” showing that medical marijuana can help patients with a wide range of symptoms.

In an interview with NBC’s David Gregory taped in Denver last week, Clinton — who famously claimed he “didn’t inhale” when asked about his own history with marijuana in 1992 — was asked whether he believes it’s time to “give pot a chance.”

“I think there’s a lot of evidence to argue for the medical marijuana thing,” Clinton said. “I think there are a lot of unresolved questions, but I think we should leave it to the states. This really is a time when there should be laboratories of democracy, because nobody really knows where this is going.”

The Obama administration has largely agreed with Clinton, allowing laws legalizing the use of recreational marijuana to go into effect in Colorado and Washington and permitting banks to do business with legal pot shops. House Republicans, however, have attempted to derail decriminalization efforts in Washington, D.C., inspiring more debate over whether the government should intervene as more states move toward legalization.

While Clinton stopped short of endorsing legalization at the federal level, he said he supports states’ experimentation.

– Read the entire article at The Huffington Post.



  1. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    to improve his ratings. Bill’s still parsing his words. What does he REALLY think?

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