Win a Sublimator Vaporizer from Cannabis Culture & Pot TV

CANNABIS CULTURE – Win a free Sublimator from Cannabis Culture and Pot TV – donated by Sublimator Beyond Vaporization.

It’s easy: just subscribe to BOTH the Pot TV YouTube channel and the Sublimator YouTube channel and you will automatically be entered in the contest.

It’s that easy! Just subscribe here now:

If you win, we will contact you through your YouTube account when we draw the winner on July 23, 2014.

What you win:

A Sublimator Titanium Dabmaster Medical Kit – a $920.00 value.

Vaporize marijuana and extracts in style! Find out more about the Sublimator.

Actual unit may look different than pictured.



  1. Anonymous on

    did anyone evr win this

  2. NazXIII on

    heheh does it help if you are really passionate about the mother plant?

  3. Dawn on

    Been wanting one forever! Good Luck all!!! 😉

  4. MagnumX on

    I was thinking the same thing. lol.

  5. DJ on

    That would be cool to win

  6. blue skies on

    sounds like fun

  7. Tom on

    Does it count if you’re already subscribed to both channels? lol.