The Weed Diva Stands Up

CANNABIS CULTURE – In this vivacious town of Vancouver, a Burlesque show can been seen any night of the week, including Sunday. Every Sunday in fact, at the Biltmore Cabaret in the city’s east side, Kitty Nights West hosts a variety show filled with humour, glamour and a saucy strip-tease or two!

An east side icon graced the stage Sunday, May 25, and had me doubled over with laughter. Watermelon, the Weed Diva of Commercial Drive Licorice Parlor, also know for her weedy exploits on Wreck Beach, brought the house down with her own brand of x-rated stand-up comedy. Her fierce style and golden material tickled every funny bone in attendance. As a regular at this show, I can say it was absolutely packed, with standing room only for that night’s festivities.

In the following days I was honoured to have the opportunity of interviewing the Diva herself at her lovely establishment located on Commercial Drive and Parker. Her charming, time-warped shop brought waves of nostalgia and memories of shopping at a Trading Company candy store as a child.

The Commercial Drive Licorice Parlor evokes memories of large jars, picking only a little of this and a lot of that and ooohh and what’s that one? No matter what your age, you will feel like a kid in a candy store again.

A kaleidoscope of bright, locally made-hand hula hoops are suspended from the walls and window display. Not only do they give the walls an unusual and fun feeling, they provide an excellent means of burning off extra calories after sampling the imported licorice, candy, various sweets, and chocolate delights.

While interviewing Watermelon at her shop, I couldn’t help but notice how she treated each child like a rare and precious gem, greeted most customers by name, and had a smile, a joke or a bit of advice for all who entered. A trip to the Licorice Parlor is like visiting a friendly neighbor or favorite family member’s place that always has the best treats in the pantry. You are welcomed with a smile and open arms and can always count on Watermelon’s advice and cheery conversation to brighten your day.

If you get a little glassy-eyed from looking at the endless variety, Watermelon can help guide your gastronomic adventure to the heights of sweet heaven, as well as offering healthy advice on ways to use all that extra energy!

By the way, I should mention that I have never been a fan of black licorice, turns out I’ve never had real black licorice! A variety bag of real licorice on my walk back to Broadway was so much fun, with ever changing heights and salty twists of flavor. Once you go REAL black licorice … you’ll never go BACK!

If you have a hankering for something sweet, you can always drop by Watermelon’s Commercial Drive Licorice Parlor at 1002 Commercial Drive. Or, if your tastes are for something a little spicier, you can catch Watermelon’s comedy routine this July 11 and 12 at the Rio Theatre, where she will be opening up for Scott Thompson (of Kids in the Hall fame). This wonderful event is presented by the same group that brings you Kitty Nights West every Sunday at the Biltmore. It promises to be an entertaining evening.

Cori Petersen is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture News LIVE. Cori gives special THANKS to Rex Brocki and Lynz Lens for wonderful contributions and help editing.



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