Website Launches to Fight Medical Marijuana in Florida

The campaign is on to defeat the medical marijuana initiative that will be on the November ballot as Amendment 2.

The Drug Free Florida Committee, a group a group organized by the Florida Sheriff’s Association and Save Our Society From Drugs, has launched its Website with a nine-minute video opposing Amendment 2, the medical marijuana initiative. Amendment 2 proponents attacks its credibility.

Drug Free Florida is chaired by Carlton Turner, a former drug czar under Ronald Reagan who has long been a controversial figure, and so far it has been entirely funded by Republican rainmaker and SOS founder Mel Sembler of St. Petersburg, who put in $100,000 in March.

The primary proponents of Amendment 2, United for Care, founded and funded by Democratic rainmaker John Morgan of Orlando, already have released a rebuttal, calling the video and web page’s claims, “half-truths, distortions and outright lies,” and disputing many of the individual claims point-by-point.

Here’s the webpage, Here’s the video, “The Devil Is In The Details.”

The video borrows heavily from a WFTV-TV (channel 9) report on medical marijuana in California, as well as reports from other media including the Orlando Sentinel, and mixes in interviews with Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd (the FSU president) and others.

They compare Florida’s proposal with what is happening in California, reaching the conclusions that Amendment 2 could make marijuana abuse even more out of control than what has been seen in California.

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