Canadian Medical Marijuana Faces Resistance From .. Medical Community

The head of the Canadian Medical Association has a few choice words for the medical marijuana industry.


“Snake oil salesmen.”

“Bad medicine.”

Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti is blatant in his disdain for the medical marijuana industry, which he compares to big tobacco.

“It makes absolutely no sense to use the word medicinal in front of marijuana,” he said.

The head of the advocacy organization has one message for Canadian doctors when it comes to prescribing marijuana: Don’t do it.

“Maybe the broader debate should be to legalize it and let society regulate it like alcohol is regulated,” Francescutti told HuffPost Canada in an interview.

“But without going there, please don’t expect the medical community to prescribe something that we have absolutely no clue what it does.”

One of the country’s most influential doctors, Francescutti bluntly says he does not want Canada’s budding commercial cannabis industry to succeed. But a recent overhaul of the medical marijuana system by Health Canada puts physicians in the driver’s seat when it comes to determining whether the industry will grow or stagnate.

Previously, Health Canada officials were ultimately responsible for deciding who had legal access to medical marijuana. But the federal agency changed the system on April 1, and now a “medical document” (doctors shy from the word prescription) from a doctor is needed to get medical pot.

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