Peace Naturals Medical Marijuana Recall Is Health Canada’s 2nd In A Month

Health Canada has issued a recall of medical marijuana for the second time in just over a month, this time because it contained an unacceptable level of bacteria.

The government agency that oversees the distribution of pot to medical patients issued a recall of product from Peace Naturals Project Inc., a marijuana grow operation in Clearview Township, Ont., north of Toronto. Health Canada said the company voluntarily recalled the product due to “positive bacterial testing outside of acceptable limits.”

The company has contacted 55 customers who have product from the batch and is advising them to stop using the product immediately. Customers can either return it to the company or destroy it by adding water to it and mixing it with cat litter — Health Canada’s recommended way to get rid of pot. However, neither the company nor Health Canada have received reports of “adverse events” or effects associated with use of the product.

“Scale cannabis at the commercial level is way more difficult to produce than most people think,” said Peace Naturals CEO Marc Gobuty.

It is the latest sign of growing pains in the budding commercial medical marijuana industry, which Health Canada began regulating on April 1 despite the fact the agency does not officially approve of the use of medical marijuana. The business has also been plagued by drug seizures by the Mounties and uncertainty over its future due to a court injunction that allows certain patients to keep growing their own product, rather than having to buy from commercial producers like Peace Naturals.

A British Columbia judge sided with a patient group who argued the new Health Canada regulations are unconstitutional because forcing patients to buy from licensed producers is unaffordable for some. They will be able to continue to grow their own until a trial can be held and a final verdict is reached.

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