Investors Gather For Medical Marijuana Conference In Vancouver

It wasn’t the usual Vancouver gathering of pot enthusiasts — in fact not even a whiff of marijuana smoke could be detected at the GreenRush Financial Conference

Featured speakers from the government to the banking industry were included in what was billed as Canada’s first medical marijuana, industrial hemp and alternative medicine investment conference.

Brian O’Dea, an exhibitor with BC Chronic, a company that runs licensed medical grow operations, said the injection of money has made the biggest change to what could becoming a booming business.

“Look around the room, I don’t see any hippies here. I see a couple of people with long hair, but I’m seeing mostly suits. What precipitates the change? Baksheesh, money,” he said Wednesday, rubbing his fingers together.

“This is changing because money has entered the picture.”

Among the dozens of exhibitors are Benton Capital Corp., Cannabis Investors, Pacific North West Capital and several other investment firms and pharmaceutical companies.

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