Majority in Colorado Say Legal Marijuana Good

Most voters in the first state to legalize recreational marijuana say the move was good for their state, according to a new poll.

But a Quinnipiac survey of Colorado voters also indicates there’s wide partisan and generational divides over the issue.

Colorado began allowing the sale of recreational marijuana on January 1 to anyone age 21 or older. The state became the first to open recreational pot stores and became the first place in the world where marijuana is regulated from seed to sale. People can buy marijuana like alcohol – except the cannabis purchase is limited to an ounce, which is substantial enough to cost about $200 or more.

According to the poll, 54% of voters in the state say they support the law, with 43% opposed. And 52% of voters say legalizing marijuana was a good move, with 38% saying it was bad for Colorado.

Around seven in ten Democrats and a majority of independents say that they support the law and that legalizing marijuana was good for the state, with more than six in ten Republicans disagreeing. Younger voters say they back the measure and that legalizing pot was good for Colorado, with older voters opposing the law and saying it was a bad move for the state.

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