Florida Sheriffs Campaigning Against Medical Marijuana

The Florida Sheriff’s Association is set to make a large push against the legalization of marijuana. Voters will decide on the legalization of medical marijuana in November.

The association sent an email to sheriffs across the state during the winter asking for their support. The Tampa Tribune reported that 63 of 67 sheriffs were in favor of opposing any measures to legalize the drug.

Lindsey Deaton, community relations coordinator for Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey, says Ivey is one of the 63 who oppose it.

The association is also looking for the support of substance-abuse awareness and anti-drug groups to be part of the “Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot” campaign. It also says there has been a spike in crime and traffic accidents in states that have passed similar legislation.

“Of the 20 states with the highest driver acknowledgement of drugged driving, 15 were states that have passed legislation legalizing marijuana,” the association said in a statement. “The Los Angeles and Denver police departments have reported significant increases in crime since marijuana was legalized in their respective states.”

The association said marijuana has a high potential for abuse and presents significant dangers to youths in the state.

“The legalization of marijuana will make this drug more readily available and easier to obtain by teens, as they would not need parental consent to get a ‘physician’s certification’ for marijuana,” the association said. “With no quality or dosage control, there is nothing in place to prevent these storefront marijuana dispensaries from selling to minors.”

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  1. Anonymous on

    BTW, Sheriff Ivey and anti-medical marijuana users of Brevard County, perhaps you should deal with the alcohol problem in your county first:

    Gosh, where is your concern for the “children”? Aren’t you, as parents, afraid your children might drink illegally?

    According to:

    Brevard County Commission Recognizes Alcohol Awareness Month
    April 19, 2010 · By SPACECOASTMEDICINE.COM · 1 Comment

    BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Brevard Healthcare Forum, sponsored by the Florida Institute of Technology College of Psychology and Liberal Arts, has proclaimed April as Alcohol Awareness Month. Supporting this effort is a resolution to be read at the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 20.
    Chronic or “at-risk” drinking poses a serious health threat in Brevard County, as a 2008 nation-wide poll by Caron Treatment Centers, a not-for-profit organization for addiction treatment, ranked Melbourne-Palm Bay as the second heaviest drinking metropolitan area in the United States – topped only by Reno, Nev.
    Most people know that drinking alcohol in excess can lead to unwelcome symptoms the next day, but hangover woes may be of the least concern. According to the World Health Organization, alcohol is the third most harmful risk factor for chronic disease.
    Research has shown that drinking more than one standard drink per day for women and two for men is associated with increased risks of high blood pressure, stroke, dementia and some types of cancer. As the amount of alcohol consumed increases, the risk of these conditions also increases.
    Van Sickle
    Van Sickle
    “There is a lot of conflicting information in the media about the health effects of alcohol,” said Executive Director of the Brevard Healthcare Forum, Kristi Van Sickle, a Florida Tech assistant professor of community health in the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts.
    “The bottom line is that for healthy people who choose to drink, reducing intake will help reduce the risk for chronic disease and other alcohol-related problems.
    Ms. Van Sickle, with Assistant Professor Felipa Chavez and representatives from other Brevard Healthcare Forum member agencies, are engaged in a campaign to work with local health providers. They are asking them to screen for high-risk drinking and offer brief interventions during patient visits.
    Their program was developed by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) and is being implemented across the United States. Ms. Van Sickle is also available to speak to organizations on this topic at no charge through the Florida Tech Speakers Bureau.
    To help educate the community of the health dangers of excess alcohol, the Brevard Healthcare Forum provides posters and brochures upon request.

  2. Anonymous on

    I would like to see the official stats for deaths by drunk driving from those 15 states mentioned in the article.

    I would like to see the official stats from those 15 states for accidents caused by drunk driving.

    I would like to see the official stats for arrests and convictions made for driving while intoxicated/drunk (with liquor), causing disorderly conduct, domestic violence, etc. from those 15 states.

    I would like to see the arrests made in the county of the Sheriff pictured for driving while drunk, death caused by drunken driving, convictions, etc. And then I would like to see how many accidents, deaths, etc. have occurred/convictions in this Sheriff’s county for death caused while under the influence of marijuana ONLY, for any reason. If folk want to use stats, let’s call them out on their “stats”.

    Please have the courtesy to cite your sources for verification. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous on

    Fact1 There are 4million people that have went to jail for weed calculate 4million times 5,10,or20 years of life. And that’s just the small few that they caught passing this law might send some of our brothers and sisters home
    Fact2 who has the most to lose from the legalization of gods most famous flower the power hunger criminal system ,dea, cops, Pharm., tobacco,alcohol , jails, the drug cartels ect I know they own a few politics including Rick Scott
    Fact 3 the blatant lie to our face, violent crime in Colorado dropped nearly 15% in the first 6 months of compleat legalization with an estimated 40 million toward education by the end of the year look it up its easy. Do they really think we’re as incompetent as they are
    Fact4. fuck you guys for making me write all this. We’re all writing your names down so history will rember you for the greedy evil sell outs that you are

  4. Anonymous on

    Time for some new sheriffs

  5. Anonymous on

    They will lose all the pot they confiscate and smoke themselves!!!

  6. Dave on

    I am sure they do not want it legal, they will lose all that income. Income from sized moneys and property. Not to mention all the moneys lost to tickets, fees, fines. They stand to lose not gain….

  7. Gaila Ann Glass on

    if it was there child – bet your ass they would be pushing for legalization!!!!