Mainstream Media Cartels Push High-Quality Product on 4/20

CANNABIS CULTURE – Mainstream media cartels have been ramping up production of 4/20 coverage after the popular April 20 marijuana celebrations in cities around the world, and experts say the potency and quality of their product has also increased when compared with previous years.

“Our agents have never before seen such high levels of potent marijuana journalism on the streets as after this years successful 4/20 rallies,” cannabis media expert David Malmo-Levine told Cannabis Culture. “US coverage is still cut with some teen reefer madness, but the amount of raw product being produced is higher than ever and positive coverage percentages are reaching unprecedented levels. This is not your father’s marijuana journalism!”

Millions of marijuana smokers hit the streets in increased numbers for the annual 4/20 celebration, and with it have come increased levels of news articles spreading across our communities – something authorities warn could lead to dangerously democratic behaviour.

Police fear the increase in in-depth coverage may be a gateway to actual reforms of marijuana laws in North America and around the world.

“This is very dangerous,” an unnamed source from within the law enforcement community told CC. “If this kind of positive coverage keeps up there is a real threat to the jobs of law enforcement professionals and members of the prison-industrial complex. We need to do anything we can to protect the abusive monopolies of drug cartels to ensure the flow of billions of tax dollars to government and law enforcement institutions.”

Recent studies show high-quality journalism can be very addictive to read, and may actually change the brain in ways scientists don’t yet understand.

“We see increased activity in several locations in the brain when people consume better quality news stories,” Dr. Maya Potreeks told CC, “and from our completely inadequate and non-conclusive study I think we can safely say for sure that marijuana journalism causes schizophrenia and cancer at a rate at least 25 times higher than regular journalism.”

Take a sample of this straight dope on 4/20 from the mainstream media cartels – the first one is free:


4/20 movement gathering momentum
Toronto Sun

TORONTO – Longtime marijuana advocate Matt Mernagh becomes somewhat emotional when considering how far the Toronto contingent of the 4/20 movement has come since its inaugural Yonge-Dundas Square smoke out in 2007.

Sunday marks the city’s eighth annual demonstration for 4/20, a global event that reportedly originated over 40 years ago at a high school in California. It has gone from its humble beginnings of relatively small acts of defiance by pot smokers and medical marijuana users, to what is now an international show of solidarity among those calling for the end of the drug’s prohibition.

Mernagh, now a fringe candidate in Toronto’s mayoral race, both fondly and wryly recalls April 20, 2007. It was a modest — somewhat tentative — group of about 100 that marched into Yonge-Dundas Square, ignoring the baleful looks of police and shrugging off friends’ warnings they’d be arrested in short order.

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Canadians rally to legalize marijuana

Several thousand people came out in Canada’s biggest cities to call for the legalization of marijuana — a yearly protest that happens internationally on April 20.

The demonstrations — dubbed the “420” rallies after the date, 4/20 in North American style, and the code-term popularly used to refer to pot consumption — took place in Vancouver, Montreal and Ottawa.

In each city, including the capital, Ottawa, where protesters gathered on the lawn near the parliament building, music groups played for the crowds.

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Anti-prohibition marijuana supporters celebrate 4/20 across Canada
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – An annual day of celebrating cannabis culture is ramping up into mainstream political activism as the pot-smoking 4/20 movement takes on marijuana prohibition with rallies across Canada.

Police are advising motorists to steer clear of Parliament Hill in the national capital as a large demonstration is expected for the annual April 20 event, when pot activists traditionally partake at 4:20 in the afternoon.

The 4/20 moniker dates back to the pot culture of California in the early 1970s, but it became formally attached to April 20 when a group of Vancouver activists held the first day-long rally in 1995.

Anti-prohibition activist Jodie Emery says recent legalization in two U.S. states has opened the eyes of governments and businesses to the financial benefits of a legal trade in marijuana.

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20th 4/20 marked with mass light-up at Vancouver Art Gallery plaza
CBC News

Thousands of people are amassing this afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery for 4/20, marking the last official gathering of the annual made-in-Vancouver rally at that site.

Dana Larsen, a cannabis legalization activist with Sensible B.C., says the event has grown steadily in Vancouver over the last two decades, but it’s outgrowing the public plaza.

“The very first Vancouver 4/20 was hosted at Victory Square Park and there was maybe 200 people that came out to enjoy the afternoon. Nineteen years later, it’s now grown into one of Vancouver’s largest celebrations,” he said.

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Toronto marks 4/20 with Dundas Square rally

TORONTO – Thousands of marijuana activists gave new meaning to “Easter grass” on Sunday.

Yonge-Dundas Square was the smoky site for Toronto’s eighth annual 4/20 demonstration, a global event pushing for the legalization of pot.

In Canada, groups in Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Halifax all took a hit from a joint at 4:20 p.m. in their times zones to show solidarity for the April 20th pro-pot rallies.

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Pro-marijuana protesters hit Parliament Hill for annual 4/20 event
The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Frisbees, hula hoops, reggae and the slightly skunky aroma of burning bud masked a serious policy dispute Sunday afternoon on Parliament Hill.

The annual day of celebrating cannabis culture has ramped up into mainstream political activism as the pot-smoking 4/20 movement took on marijuana prohibition with rallies across Canada.

“I think the policy edge has always been there. It’s just more and more people are getting fed up with the status quo,” said John Albert, a former Marijuana Party candidate, as he sat amidst a crowd that police estimated was more than 2,000 on the front lawn under the Peace Tower.

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Montrealers assemble on Mount Royal for 420 pot celebration
CTV Montreal

Marijuana-loving Montrealers assembled on Mount Royal Sunday to express their mutual appreciation of the forbidden weed.

Participants of the 420 annual international day of celebration and activism partook in an annual event held on April 20th in Montreal and other cities.

This year’s local event started Sunday afternoon at noon near the winged monument to Sir Georges Etienne Cartier and was scheduled to finish at 4:20 p.m. with the awarding of prizes for best poster and best pot plant.

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Zero arrests made during London’s 420 celebrations
CTV London

There were no arrests during “420” celebrations in London’s Victoria Park this year.

A smaller than usual crowd of about 60 people gathered to promote the use of marijuana.

London police vowed to crack down on anyone participating in illegal activities during the event.

Roughly 20 police officers were on hand to monitor the situation.

The term “420” is a code used to refer to the consumption of cannabis and the cannabis subculture.

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Photos: Vancouver’s 420 gathering a buyer’s bonanza
Georgia Straight

What can you buy at Vancouver’s annual 420 marijuana gathering? A better question might be, what can’t you get?

At least 200 boothed vendors set up shop at the Vancouver Art Gallery on April 20 to deal treats and trinkets to the over 25,000 attendees who showed up during the course of the day.

After 12 hours on site, I’m pretty sure I saw it all: small and large bags of dozens of strains of weed, pre-rolled joints, shatter, oil, wax, butter, hash, lollipops, popcorn, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and candy.

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Vancouver’s 20th 420 rally attracts thousands of marijuana fans
Georgia Straight

They came, they bought, they toked. So goes another 420 in Vancouver.

420 began as a couple hundred people in 1995. The 20th year of the annual marijuana market/smoke-in attracted what appeared to be a record number of vendors and participants on Sunday (April 20), despite somewhat dreary weather.

While I’m not a professional guesser of crowd sizes, I have been attending Vancouver’s annual 420 rally for at least a few years now and can safely say this year’s gathering was the largest in memory. Robson Street between Howe and Hornby was closed due to the overwhelming crowds by 2:30 p.m., and by 3:15 p.m., the same stretch of West Georgia Street was cordoned off, the earliest I’ve ever seen that happen.

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Smoke and sparks after London’s 4:20 event

On Parliament Hill in Ottawa Sunday, news reports described a crowd of about 2,000 people throwing Frisbees, listening to music and smoking pot.

In Vancouver, thousands gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery for their public celebration.

At London’s Victoria Park, however, some in the crowd of about 100 people yelled at police and were repeatedly warned they would be arrested if they lit up a joint.

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High on the Hill: 420 pot smokers converge on Parliament Hill

Sunday afternoon was a time to smoke pot on Parliament Hill, not talk about it.

Thousands of Ottawans did so in earnest as the crisp spring wind carried the tokers’ aroma and loose, amplified music down Wellington St.

Organizers of 420 Ottawa “Fill the Hill” were expecting upwards of 10,000 pot smokers and pot smoker-supporters but it appears Easter-related family obligations forced many would-be attendees to give up their Doritos for a ham, at least until a little later in the afternoon.

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Marijuana rally fills Victoria Park

Brantford’s first 420 Freedom Rally saw more than 300 people gather downtown to share their love of marijuana by smoking plenty of it.

But the gathering on Sunday in Victoria Park wasn’t just an excuse to get together and light up.

“This is about educating people about the benefits of cannabis,” organizer Mike Dinsmore said. “We are letting people know you aren’t a bad person for supporting marijuana use and you don’t have to smoke it to support us.”

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MARIJUANA: Brantford’s first 420 Freedom Rally attracts crowd to Victoria Park

The city’s first 420 Freedom Rally in support of the legalization of marijuana was a pretty mellow affair.

A couple of hundred mostly young people gathered in Victoria Park on Sunday afternoon to openly smoke pot, extol the virtues of the plant and enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s great that we have so many people here to educate people and change their perception of those who use marijuana,” said Mike Dinsmore, founder of the Brantford Cannabis Club.

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Here Are 10 Things to Stream on Netflix for 4/20

From the funny to the awe-inspiring to the nostalgic: here’s what to watch today

It’s 420, the national counterculture event that happens ever year on April 20th for marijuana users to celebrate their activity. Here’s a list of movies you might enjoy streaming today.

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The Controversy Behind Denver’s Historic 4/20 Celebration

As Denver prepares for a marijuana extravaganza, organizers of an annual legalization rally say they should be allowed to openly smoke weed

Marijuana enthusiasts are already descending on Denver for what should be a raucous 4/20 celebration this weekend. Long marijuana’s unofficial holiday, this April 20 will be the first since legal recreational pot shops opened in America and celebrants are preparing to mark occasion in high style. Among the festivities planned for Denver, America’s largest city with legal weed, are: concerts by Snoop “Smoke Weed Every Day” Dogg and Wyclef Jean, a student-run pot symposium and pot-friendly speed dating. The Cannabis Cup, a giant paraphernalia trade show running over the weekend, sold out its run of nearly 40,000 tickets.

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With sales now legal, cannabis lovers take Denver’s 420 weekend to new highs

Coming to the Mile High City this weekend was the perfect 65th birthday present for Karen Stevenson. She and her husband drove out of the Bible Belt to experience, for the first time, what it’s like to buy and smoke weed legally.

She wore a T-shirt featuring an image of María Sabina, a late-Mexican shaman, puffing on a joint — a shirt that, until this day, she never dared to wear outside her Cape Girardeau, Missouri, home.

“It’s kind of like being a part of history,” she said Saturday, while waiting for a bus in front of a marijuana-themed sandwich shop. “I used to want to go to Amsterdam. Now I don’t have to.”

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Denver Police Arrest 22 At Massive 4/20 Marijuana Rally
Business Insider

Police said a total of 130 people were arrested or issued on-the-spot fines. Of those, 92 were for public consumption of cannabis and 22 people “went to jail”.

Tourists had flooded into Colorado for the event and 20 of those either arrested or fined were from outside Colorado. The fines were $150.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said officers had avoided wading into the crowd but “those ticketed were blatantly in violation of state law and city ordinances” regarding outdoor smoking.

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Thousands gather in Golden Gate Park for 420

The hippie spirit was alive and well in San Francisco on Sunday as thousands descended into Golden Gate Park to celebrate the stoner holy day of “420.”

Marijuana and barbecue smoke wafted above the sea of colorfully-clad potheads who had gathered in Sharon Meadow by mid-afternoon.

“It’s like a celebration. Everybody is happy. We might not like each others’ ideas but we can get along,” said 29-year-old Elias Pizano of Modesto, who got to the park at 6:30 a.m. and was playing with a 6-foot-in-diameter beach ball.

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Revelers flood Hippie Hill for 4/20 party; several arrested on felony charges

The grass was high, the fields were ripe; it was the springtime of their life.
The lyrics from Simon & Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade of Winter” appeared to ring true by all accounts at the highly popular 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park on Sunday as warm weather, music, food, pets and, of course, marijuana, amplified the event for thousands of revelers.

Police and city officials laid down the law last week, urging park visitors to pick up their trash and remain civil, or the event might be shut down for goo.d As of Sunday evening, between eight and 10 people attending the event had been arrested — including a person with a gun near the Golden Gate Carousel — and were facing felony charges, Sgt. Danielle Newman said, although she did not disclose the nature of the arrests. Police had received a call about shots fired, but they found no such evidence and no injuries were reported, Newman said.

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Easter on 4/20, pot holy day; pastors reach out
Kansas City Star

Social media has been buzzing for weeks with jokes about how, this year, Easter Sunday shares the calendar with the pot-lover’s highest holiday: April 20, or 420 in stoner lingo. Pot-smokers have long celebrated on the date by lighting up for reasons not quite clear.

Yet amid the online cracks about worshipping a “higher” power, tutorials on how to make a joint shaped like a cross and photos of Easter baskets piled with pot-filled eggs, a handful of churches nationwide are using the unfortunate coincidence to make much bigger points.

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420 festival: How far and fast could legal marijuana spread?
Yahoo! News

The 420 festival in Denver Sunday shows how the legal marijuana cultural phenomenon is growing. But it’s Colorado’s success in keeping things safe and orderly that has some ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the industry.

Today is a big day for marijuana in the United States. April 20, in case you hadn’t heard, is pot-smokers’ national “holiday.” The number 420 has been connected to pot smoking since the 1970s for reasons that have always been a bit, well, hazy. But that’s never stopped marijuana aficionados from adopting the date as their own, and this year they have good reason to think they’re on the winning side of America’s drug war.

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Queens Pub Offers Special ’420? Inspired Alternative Menu
CBS News New York

The owners of the Snowdonia Pub in Queens have offered an alternative menu for April 20, which appears to have been designed with a certain population in mind.

Among marijuana aficionados the number ’420? is code for taking a cannabis break.
The owners said that the alternative menu was just an excuse to have fun.

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Hundreds of cannabis users gather to openly smoke pot at UK parks for drug celebration festival
UK Mirror

Hundreds of people have taken to public parks for a mass ‘celebration’ of cannabis which have promised to openly flout UK drugs laws.

Events in London and Manchester labelled ‘420 Day’ saw drugs campaigners rolling up and smoking the Class B drug in full view.

Police in both cities have warned they would not turn a blind eye and anyone caught in possession of illegal substances would be arrested or fined.

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Why thousands of people are going to get high in Hyde Park
The Guardian

On Easter Sunday, thousands of cannabis smokers will descend on Hyde Park in London for a smoke in celebration of “420 Day”.

Now held annually on 20 April, 420 Day began life as an American pro-cannabis movement, but in recent years has become a de facto “world pot-smoking day”.

Last year, according to the event’s organisers, around 10,000 people congregated in the most famous of London’s royal parks to protest in favour of legalisation. With a bumper bank holiday weekend, a delightful spring and 420 Day chatter spreading like wildfire across social networks, they expect the attendance this year to be even higher.

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How 420 festival at Platt Fields is part of global celebration of cannabis
Manchester Evening News

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration for millions of Christians around the world but this year it falls on the same date as the global cannabis festival.

The festival, referred to as 420, brings together cannabis smokers and activists who want the drug to be legalised.

In South Manchester around 1,000 people are set to attend a festival celebrating cannabis in Platt Fields Park.

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Police turn a blind eye as crowds smoke cannabis at Platt Fields Park festival
Manchester Evening News

Hundreds of people rolled up to a festival celebrating cannabis – with police on patrol making no arrests despite participants openly smoking the drug.

More than 500 revellers went to the ‘420’ day at Platt Fields Park in Fallowfield as part of a series of worldwide events which campaign for the legalisation of marijuana.

Crowds of people openly smoked the drug throughout the festival this afternoon – while a banner saying ‘Keep ON the Grass’ was displayed alongside literature supporting the pro-cannabis movement.

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