Nanaimo Grower First In Canada to Issue Recall For Medical Marijuana

In what’s believed to be the first pot recall in Canada, Greenleaf Medicinals of Nanaimo is telling its clients not to smoke the Purple Kush.

A Health Canada press release states that Greenleaf is voluntarily recalling one batch of marijuana (Purple Kush, Batch PK-10-20-13) produced for medical purposes.

“The recall is due to issues with the company’s production practices which were identified during an inspection by Health Canada and may impact the product.”

Customers who’ve purchased the product should not smoke it.

“Greenleaf Medicinals is instructing clients to immediately discontinue use of any marijuana from this shipment which they may still have remaining in their possession,” reads the release.

“The company has also informed Health Canada that they are presently working with other licensed producers to find a supply of marijuana for the impacted clients.”

Health Canada oversees the medical-marijuana industry — in consultation with physicians or nurses — which is a controlled, legal business operating while the government in Ottawa opposes moves to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

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