4/20 Protest Lights Up Downtown Vancouver with Marijuana Farmers Market and Live Performances

CANNABIS CULTURE – The 19th-annual 4/20 marijuana protest and open farmers market will light up the downtown Vancouver Art Gallery today from Noon to 8PM.

Over 20,000 people are expected to crowd (and cloud) the grounds of the VAG to see two stages of live musical performances and speeches by marijuana activists including Jodie Emery, Dana Larsen, David Malmo-Levine, Chris Bennett and many more.

Pot-lovers will take part in the world’s only open-to-the-public recreational cannabis farmers market, where over 150 vendors booths will be selling a wide spectrum of marijuana strains and a rainbow of marijuana extracts and edibles, with no interference from local police or city officials.

“We’re expecting another huge and happy crowd this year,” 4/20 organizer Jeremiah Vandermeer said. “People have had enough of the disastrous war on marijuana and want to set this harmless and extremely useful plant free. We’re seeing more interest in the event than ever before and we’ve really stepped up our game to make sure the crowd is well-entertained and well-medicated.”

A number of local non-marijuana-related business will be participating in the event, including JUST-EAT.ca, which will be handing out free pizza to the crowd.

4:20 is the international smoking time and code-word for marijuana worldwide. The 4/20 event was invented in 1995 by a group of Vancouver marijuana activists working with now-imprisoned Prince of Pot Marc Emery.

The event has been adapted by cannabis activists globally and is now celebrated every April 20 in cities around the world.

Please visit http://420Vancouver.com for more information.