Whoopi Goldberg Debuts as Pot Columnist for Denver Post’s Cannabist Site

Whoopi Goldberg relies on her vape pen to relieve symptoms associated with glaucoma, the comedienne writes in her first column for The Cannabist.

These pens are light, compact and portable. The vapor is inoffensive and subtle. And for me a lot of the new pot is too strong — and when I take edibles I rarely come out of the room. With the vape pen, you have more control over how much THC you ingest. If my headache is just starting, I know a short sip will take care of it. If the pressure inside my head is pounding, then two or three sips is a better prescription.

The Cannabist, The Denver Post’s marijuana-themed site launched after Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use, will feature Goldberg’s column every two months, according to a press release issued Thursday by Digital First Media, owner of the Post.

“We are honored to have Whoopi Goldberg join the Cannabist to explain the cultural transformation taking place in America regarding legalized marijuana,” said Post editor Greg Moore

Cannabist editor Ricardo Baca said the idea for hiring Goldberg to write for the site emerged after he appeared on “The View.”

“We instantly connected, and her curiosity and desire to discuss the issues surrounding America’s ever-changing marijuana laws immediately reminded me of my colleagues back in Denver,” Baca said in the press release. 

“Whoopi’s column provides a direct and personal perspective on marijuana use in this very modern era,” he said.

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