Tweed Inc. Gives Up On Pot Seized By RCMP

Medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc. is abandoning a shipment of pot that was seized by the Mounties last week but maintains the company, which is licensed by Health Canada, did nothing wrong.

The RCMP confiscated two shipments at the Kelowna airport last week, one bound for Tweed and one for fellow licensed producer Mettrum. The seizures happened on the final day that Health Canada allowed companies to purchase plants and seeds from patient growers. All the players involved — the RCMP, Health Canada and the licensed producers — are remaining mum on the issue, resulting in rampant speculation over who was at fault.

On Thursday, Tweed sought to quash rumours that it had flouted the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations through a liberal interpretation of Health Canada rules that allow medical marijuana patients who grow their own to “provide starting materials (plants, seeds or clippings) to a licensed producer.”

Chairman Bruce Linton said the company had explicit approval from Health Canada to acquire plants that were fully grown, along with cut plants, from individual growers who were licensed under the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations.

“There was no issue whatsoever with Tweed, its conduct or its approvals. Everything was in order on our side of the transaction,” he said in an interview Thursday.

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