Colorado Man Files Suit, Idaho State Police Accused of ‘License Plate Profiling’

Racial profiling is well known, but a Colorado man says the state’s new recreational marijuana law is contributing to “license plate profiling.”

Darian Roseen, a 70-year-old man from Pagosa Springs, has filed a federal civil rights law suit alleging that the Idaho State Police targeted him because of his Colorado license plates.

He claims that a trooper pulled him over and subjected him to multiple searches for marijuana simply because he had a Colorado license plate.

“Mr. Roseen is a retiree who was simply returning from his daughter’s baby shower in Washington,” said Mark Coonts, an attorney for Roseen. “I mean there was no reason to deprive him of his rights that day. There was no justification.”

According to the lawsuit, Roseen had just crossed into Idaho from Oregon on Interstate 84 in late January, when a trooper began following him into a rest stop and then turned on his lights.

“From the facts and even the video of the dash cam of the police car, the conversation turns quickly from a lane change violation to, ‘Where is your marijuana?’” Coonts said.

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