Nebraska Industrial Hemp Bill Easily Passes the Unicameral

Industrial hemp could be grown for research in Nebraska under a law easily passing the Unicameral.

The legislature voted 39-to-2 for LB 1001, a bill that will allow the University of Nebraska and the state Department of Agriculture to grow hemp. The bill now goes to Gov. Dave Heineman.

Sen. Norm Wallman of Cortland says Nebraska farmers used to grow hemp.

“Years back, during the war years, World War I especially I guess, they grew it around Odell and we actually processed it here in Nebraska,” Wallman tells Nebraska Radio Network. “We made hemp for things like shipyards and so it’s a tremendous, tough plant for rope and stuff like this.”

Wallman says that while industrial hemp might look like the marijuana pot heads smoke, it wouldn’t get anyone high.

– Read the entire article at Nebraska Radio Network.



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    Hemps been around since the Mayflower ….. stop acting blonde!!!

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