Canadian Medical Marijuana Users Can Continue to Grow Their Own Pot

Patients who are currently licensed to grow their own pot will be permitted to continue producing the drug when new regulations take effect on April 1, a Federal Court judge ruled Friday.

Judge Michael Manson granted an application from a group of medical marijuana patients, who asked for a temporary injunction to preserve the status quo until a constitutional challenge of the new system can be heard.

The decision represents a major blow, at least in the short term, to the Conservative government’s attempt to overhaul this country’s medical marijuana system, which it says is rife with problems ranging from unsafe grow-ops to infiltration by criminals.

The new regulations restrict medical marijuana production to commercial growers, though the injunction does not affect the new licensing system.

Health Canada has warned any patient licensed to grow pot under the current rules must confirm they have destroyed their plants or they will be reported to the police.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue the updated regulations violate their right to access important medicine, because marijuana is expected to initially be more expensive under the new system. They also say they won’t have as much control over which strains of the drug they use.

During a hearing earlier this week, their lawyer said the patients would suffer “irreparable harm” if they weren’t granted an injunction, and they suggested the federal government has offered little concrete evidence that the medical marijuana system actually poses as many risks as it claims.

– Read the entire article at CTV News.



  1. Anonymous on

    wtf is a nutriment? Learn to spell you illiterate fool.

  2. jeremiah on

    What comments? We have erased nothing that I know of.

  3. Anonymous on

    The exact amount come to half a plant.
    Grow it with just water but dont feed it nutriments.Youll get half a plant

  4. BrianKerr on

    Thats 150g limit is crarring around weed, out side your house.

  5. Daniel Tourigny on

    What I have read in various newspapers is a 150g possession limit. So doesn’t that mean patients will only be allowed ~1 plant worth of growing limit (other than those who juice, I suppose)?

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    Why do you continue to censor comments CC, are you afraid of having your criminal associations exposed?