End of Medical Marijuana Program Violates Patients’ Constitutional Rights

Lawyers are in a federal court in British Columbia arguing that patients who have licences to grow their own medical marijuana should be allowed to continue the practice after the program ends at the end of the month.

Abbotsford, B.C. lawyer John Conroy “and his team want the current system or ‘status quo’ maintained for those patients seeking an exemption,” reported CTV’s Vancouver Bureau Chief Melanie Nagy.

April 1 will mark the end of the Medical Marijuana Access Program, which for years has allowed some 37,000 Canadians who have obtained a licence to grow their own pot to treat medical conditions such as cancer, MS and arthritis.

Under the new regulations, Canadians will have to purchase their marijuana from one of a seven federally licensed growers.

Patients say that growing their own marijuana costs them just cents a day. Buying from federally licenced growers, however, will jack up the price by as much as ten times higher. Nagy, who is in court Tuesday, reported that marijuana from federally licensed growers could cost up to $12 per gram.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Under new laws, medical marijuana patients (such as myself) would no longer be able to afford our medicine. That’s not right!