Marijuana Fines ‘Under Serious Consideration,’ Peter MacKay Says

Federal laws on marijuana possession could soon get a major facelift.

The Conservative government is looking at potentially changing policy to allow police officers to issue tickets to people caught with small amounts of marijuana, rather than lay charges.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay told reporters on Parliament Hill Wednesday morning he has tasked the justice department “with looking at and coming forward with what could be a draft legislation.”

“We have not arrived on the exact mechanism in which that could be done. The prime minister has signalled an openness to this,” he said.

However, MacKay is making it clear that this is not decriminalization or legalization of marijuana, but “giving police further discretion” when it comes to small amounts of pot.

“The Criminal Code offences would still be available to police, but we would look at options that would give police the ability, much like the treatment of open liquor, that would allow police to ticket those types of offences,” he said.

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