Justin Trudeau Rolling Papers: Behind The Scenes

CANNABIS CULTURE – Where did Liberal leader Justin Trudeau rolling papers come from?

The idea originated with the Conservative Party of Canada as an attack on Trudeau’s marijuana legalization stance. Their idea was leaked to newspaper Toronto Star via an internal memo, but it was a Toronto Banksy-inspired cannabis advocate who put it all together.

Vapor Central manager Chris Goodwin (pictured above between Sam Smith and Erin Goodwin) took the Conservative’s negative attack ad idea – rolling papers with the face of the popular Liberal party leader who supports marijuana legalization – and ran with it. Goodwin mocked-up an image of Justin Trudeau as the Zig-Zag man and posted it to his Facebook and other social media outlets.

Instantly he had huge demand for the Justin Trudeau rolling papers. However, the traditional route of having a rolling paper printing company create the packaging was not feasible. The cost and time return made the idea not workable.

Instead Goodwin began creating an interesting craft project. He went through several mock-ups before coming up with the rolling papers dumped on this weekend’s Liberal Party of Canada convention. Originally he thought the easiest solution – simply placing a sticker on zig zag packaging – wasn’t feasible as it could peel from the cover.

These were designed as artistic keepsakes and not driven by a profit motive.

Craftily, Goodwin created a design that replaced the original cover with one of his own. It’s way better than a sticker! Late Saturday night we agreed to meetup at a Kinkos photocopy place in the morning and assemble a team of crafters later at Vapor Central.

Our timing was a wee off. The photocopy and scoring used to bend the heavy cardboard stock took way longer than anticipated. We lost a few team members, including myself who had Sunday dinner plans.

Many hands make projects easier. Goodwin told me he planned to make them himself. Figuring out the time commitment, I told him it was much easier to build a team who want to do this fun project. We had fun! Mik Mann from the Opus Show came out to pitch-in with Goodwin to make packages and our friend Naomi, who enjoys crafting at the lounge, pitched in too.

This was a great team building project. We had fun crafting up Trudeau rolling papers. More stoners need to seize the day and simply do. A few negative nancies did appear on our social media thread to discourage the project, but if you listen to the disagreeable we wouldn’t be vaporizing in lounges.

Matt Mernagh is a Canadian marijuana activist and regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. His book, Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook: The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains is available via Amazon or iTunes. Photo by Sean Brady.


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    I hope you can distribute some to 420 organizers around Canada. Great advertising for pro-legalization policy.