Australia Lags As Hemp Takes Off In the US

This month, the United States has lifted a ban on growing industrial hemp for human consumption. In Australia, a ban remains.

Queensland-based industrial hemp company, Ecofibre Industries, says Australia is lagging while the USA surges ahead.

EcoFibre managing director Philip Warner says several US states are pushing ahead with hemp fibre and oil growing projects since the US Farm Bill Hemp Amendment was passed on February 7.

He says Australia has lost the opportunity to export hemp foods and industrial products to the USA and Asia.

Mr Warner just returned from America and says Australia has almost missed the opportunity to sell home-grown hemp technology and knowledge into the Americas as well.

“My next trip, which is in a month’s time, I go to Colorado, California, and then down to Uruguay, where I’ve been very much involved in the new legislation they’ve put through there.

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