NJ Governor Christie: We Will End the Failed War on Drugs

Governor Chris Christie today took the oath of office for a second term and delivered his inaugural address at the War Memorial in Trenton. During his inaugural address he called for an end to the drug war and compassion for those suffering from drug addiction.

Excerpts from the Governor’s speech where he spoke about the war on drugs and drug addiction include:

“We will end the failed war on drugs that believes that incarceration is the cure of every ill caused by drug abuse. We will make drug treatment available to as many of our non-violent offenders as we can and we will partner with our citizens to create a society that understands this simple truth: every life has value and no life is disposable,” Christie said during his inaugural speech this morning.

The governor expressed desire to help those struggling with drug addiction in a bipartisan manner. “And, while government has a role in ensuring the opportunity to accomplish these dreams, we have now learned that we have an even bigger role to play as individual citizens. We have to be willing to play outside the red and blue boxes the media and pundits put us in; we have to be willing to reach out to others who look or speak differently than us; we have to be willing to personally reach out a helping hand to a neighbor suffering from drug addiction, depression or the dignity stripping loss of a job,” said Christie.

– Read the entire article at ENews Park Forest.



  1. Anonymous on

    So what’s he gonna do? Eat the war on drugs! Get in my belly!

  2. Anonymous on

    Because as governor of NJ, Chris Christie can change federal law. /sarcasm

  3. Mrs.Ratsrectum on

    and support and advocate legal recreational in NJ. would be a diversion from BridgeGate, populist move, $ for favors & hush money to save your political skin