Illinois Unveils Proposed Rules For Medical Marijuana Use

To use medical marijuana in Illinois, patients would be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and pay $150 a year to get a special photo ID under proposed regulations unveiled Tuesday.

In the first attempt to sort out the complicated logistics of launching a medical cannabis program, the Illinois Department of Public Health posted 48 pages of draft regulations online. The department also is opening an informal public comment period before submitting the proposal officially, when more comments will be accepted. The department shared the draft regulations ahead of time with The Associated Press.

A new state law legalized medical marijuana in a four-year pilot project with some of the strictest standards in the nation. The draft rules for patients and their caregivers start to clarify how the system would work.

“We’re really excited about a really transparent process. It’s quite unprecedented for us to go through these steps,” Bob Morgan, coordinator of the state’s medical cannabis program, told the AP. The law gave the department until the end of April to write regulations, but the department is posting rules early to allow time for public comment, Morgan said.

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