Marijuana Activist Dana Larsen Moving Sensible BC Forward For Second Round

CANNABIS CULTURE – Sensible BC has got an exciting plan ahead for 2014 that I wanted to let you in on.

First, I want you to know that we are going to try again for a referendum, but not in 2014. We’re going to spend the year building more momentum, training more canvassers and getting ourselves ready for success.

I will be touring the province again in a few months, to continue spreading the Sensible BC word and to help recruit and train more volunteers.

I’ll actually be bringing along some of our best canvassers and organizers, so we can do some group training and strategy sessions at every stop. We’ll get everyone ready to knock it out of the park during Round 2!

In the short term, here’s a few things you can do to stay involved and keep the pressure on our elected officials here in BC.


On Tuesday, February 11, Sensible BC team is having a rally in Victoria for the opening of the Legislature.

We will be on the Legislature grounds with signs and banners from 11:30-1pm, and we’ll have a lunch gathering after to celebrate and plan future strategy. I’m working on arranging a tour of the Legislature buildings but that’s still tentative.

We’ve got people coming in from across the Island, the Lower Mainland and as far away as Kelowna. We’re helping to arrange rides and carpools. If you’d like to participate, click here.


If you can’t make it to Victoria you can still send a message. I need you to call your local MLA and let them know why Sensible BC and marijuana reform is important to you.

It’s best if you can make an appointment to see them in person, but talking on the phone is fine too. Just make sure you actually speak to your local MLA and let your opinion be heard.

You can easily find your local MLA here.

Once you’ve talked to your MLA, send me an email and let me know how it went.


You should also send some emails to our BC politicians. It’s quick and easy, just do it now. Only a few clicks to make your voice heard!

Over 2300 people have already emailed the Premier to tell her to stop arresting marijuana users. Click here to send a message to Premier Christy Clark.

Ask the BC Attorney General who decided to double pot possession charges in BC? Click here to send a message to BC Attorney General Susan Anton.

Are you an NDP supporter? Ask Adrian Dix why the BC NDP won’t stand up for their own policy of legalization. Click here to send a message to BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix.

BC Green Leader Adam Olsen was the only BC party leader to sign the Sensible BC petition. Click here to send a thank-you message to BC Green leader Adam Olsen.

Want to email all those people? Click here for a page with links to send all the emails.

We’ve got a busy year ahead. Thanks for being part of the Sensible BC team!

I look forward to seeing you while I’m on tour across BC this Spring and Summer.

Bye for now!

Dana Larsen, Sensible BC Director


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    Sensible Canada would be a better campaign!!!!