Tokers React to High-Priced Legal Marijuana Sales in Colorado

When the first legal marijuana sales in America began January 1 in Colorado, Facebook and Twitter lit up with posts by excited tokers showing their sales receipts for their first legal buy. Those posts were followed by thousands of re-tweets and shares by pot smokers nationwide reacting to the prices shown on the receipts.

“$400 an ounce?” asked one Twitter user about a receipt showing a purchase of an eighth ounce of Girl Scout Cookies for fifty dollars, plus $14.25 in taxes, for a total of $64.25. “You can keep your legalization if weed’s gonna cost $65/8th!” Others noted the prices for the same strain of marijuana in their local medical marijuana dispensary, ranging from twenty to forty dollars an eighth.

On the other hand, reactions from tokers in the less-marijuana-tolerant parts of the country ranged from bemusement to disgust at the denigration of legal weed prices. “$60 an eighth is what I pay here in Chicago,” one Facebooker wrote, “and that’s for a short bag of ‘what’s available’ bought on the street from a gang banger. I’d love to wait in line in the snow to have the selection, security and quality they’re getting in Colorado for about the same price!”

Rachel Gillette, executive director of the Colorado chapter of NORML, told NBC News, “It’s a new industry, a new market. I think things will work themselves out in a few years. We saw the same thing happen with the medical marijuana industry before prices came down.”

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