British Columbians Warned About Legal Marijuana Sales in Colorado, Washington

A U.S. Iraq war victim who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder was the first customer in Denver to legally purchase recreational marijuana today.

Within months Washington State will be doing the same as organizers try to legalize pot in many more states.

“A lot of folks have been referring to what’s happening in Colorado as an experiment with legal marijuana,” says Mason Avert, Denver Marijuana Policy co-director. “But in fact, the experiment was marijuana prohibition and that experiment dramatically failed.”

Sensible BC’s so-called ‘Cannabus Tour’ last fall failed to get the required number of signatures that could have triggered a province-wide referendum. Organizers in B.C. note that the amount of people signing up to legalize marijuana in B.C. would have been enough to trigger a referendum in Colorado or Washington State.

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