Medical Marijuana Users Worry About Prices as Market Expands

Mark Gobuty isn’t raising cattle or cultivating corn on his farm north of Toronto — he’s growing medical marijuana.

His company, The Peace Naturals Project, is one of the first to be approved by Health Canada to commercially produce and distribute dried cannabis ahead of changes next spring to Ottawa’s marijuana medical access program.

Starting April 1, the program that began in 2001 will no longer require medicinal marijuana users to buy their medication through Ottawa’s one approved supplier, grow their own plants, or designate someone to be their personal grower. Instead, users will be restricted to buying their cannabis from a list of approved suppliers.

Gobuty, Peace Naturals’ chief executive and co-founder, says his company is focused on providing a quality product, but he also understands the compassionate side of drug dispensing.

“We certainly have vision. We want to help people,” said Gobuty during an interview at his secluded and highly-secured farm in Clearview Township.

“It’s really [about]the purpose and intent of the medicine we can provide. If we can do one thing, we want to provide people with peace.”

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