Washington Liquor Board Reverses on Medical Marijuana, Recommends Patient Home Grows

The state Liquor Control Board has changed its tune on allowing medical marijuana patients to grow their own cannabis. It does now recommend patients be allowed to grow up to 6 plants for personal use.

“Allow home grows and the ability for a qualified patient or designated provider to possess marijuana plants. A qualified patient or designated provider may possess 6 plants, 3 flowering and 3 nonflowering,” the board writes in its new list of recommendations for creating a new state-guided medical marijuana system. (You can read the entire document below.)

However, the recommendations also call for the elimination of collective gardens, the backbone of the current medical marijuana market.

Collective gardens allow several patients to grow plants that can be harvested for themselves and others who are members of the collective but not themselves growers. The growers then can be reimbursed for their expenses, thus creating the current controversial “store fronts” that sell marijuana to patients with medical cards for “contributions.”

The Washington Legislature – which ordered the Washington State Liquor Control Board and other agencies to come up with the recommendations – will make the actual laws creating this new system, using these recommendations or coming up with new ones.

– Read the entire article at Seattle Post-Intelligence..


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    with Colorado? The Keystone State (Pennsylvania) needs to send experts out to WA to copy it. Name the consulting firm. I want to see it in the news.