The Story Behind My Award-Winning Medi Kush Strain

CANNABIS CULTURE – Here’s the story of how my award-winning marijuana strain got her name, Medi Kush.

Back in 2006 I came across the best-tasting cannabis I had ever had, which also happened to be the most pain-reliving strain I had ever had.

They called it Christmas Kush because of the extensive snow white crystal formation on the bud, and it was only available around Christmas time; private stock only kind of stuff.

A buddy (we’ll call him Kenny) found it for me; he knew how much it helped with my pain control, so he saved a few extra bags for me so I could have more relief. Kenny, knowing how much I really need this strain for my pain, went out of his way to get me a few beans. I didn’t know he was doing this and one day, to my surprise, he handed me six seeds and said “for your private garden only, Johnny.” Wow! I now had my medicine.

I popped them the next day and out of the six one stood out, it was a slow start for her but within a few weeks she was the strongest and the healthiest of them all. There were two males so I killed them both. I knew this strain was a keeper and from what Kenny said, this was the one everyone wanted. I had three seeds left and a grow box to work with, I had to do something quick. Being early summer I put the strongest one in the garden and the other two under a 600 watt HPS bulb in my garage along with a few other strains I was already growing. Using Medi-One to grow my new seeds, it was only appropriate to call her Medi Kush, and my strain was christened.

I’m able to grow my own medicine as a member of Health Canada’s medical marijuana program. Growing my own medicine is very important to me as I suffer from severe chronic pain, which resulted from a 28-foot fall I survived. In the recovery process, I found cannabis to be the best medicine for me.

Now, let’s jump forward about four years; I was headed to the Treating Yourself Expo and Medical Cup with my favorite strain, Medi Kush. I entered into the 2011 Medical Cannabis Cup, in the Private Grower category.

A medical patient (me) brings a strain he calls Medi Kush to a medical cannabis cup and wins first place! I was happy to take home the Cup.

I entered again in 2012 with the same strain, Medi Kush, and won another Medical Cannabis Cup, this time taking 2nd place in the Private Grower category.

Medi Kush needs love to be all she can be, and that’s what I give her.

I needed something more for increased pain control and that’s when Bubbleman came into my world. He showed me how to make a purer form of medicine by harvesting the tricomes from Medi Kush.

I had always trimmed my medicine over screens to collect the pure THC for more effective pain control; however, I came to learn there were so many more options available to me, if I just used the right tools. Turns out I was just starting to learn how to medicate properly.

I was told I had to clean my resin, who ever thought it needed cleaning?! But on that advice I acquired some drysift screens. Medi Kush resin being cleaned (pictured above).

There’s more to this than meets the eye as it turns out, and after taking a closer look it really did need cleaning. So I proceed to do just that, and after 30 minutes I had 75% pure cannabis medicine for my pain control. The above image shows what that looked like: sweet trichomes (picture by Bubbleman). At 75% purity you’d think it was clean, but I was told to try cleaning it for 45 minutes.

Low and behold I got this (pictured above); loaded a bowl of pure trichomes, and let the pain drift away with enjoyment.

From here it gets even better because I’m now making Bubble hash with my Medi Kush, using BubbleBags from Bubbleman.

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  2. Microgrow on

    Medi Kush is definitely a personal favorite grow of ours and is very good bud for relieving pain

  3. Anonymous on

    Go climb back up inside your mom!

  4. trusty on

    Let us know when the seeds are available!

  5. JB on

    Contact me then Shawn

  6. JB on

    Been working on a breading project since 2011 , beans will be available soon.

  7. JB on

    Sorry dude its a clone only strain..

  8. Anonymous on

    I voted your strain in the 2013 ty cup it was the 5th entry private growers

    THE BOMB where can we get some seeds ?

  9. CanadianGiant on

    I wish I could find some Medi-Kush beans.