Top 10 TMZ Interviews: The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh

Top 10 Mernahuana Zone Interviews We are coming up on show #131, and in all those shows, there is some amazing Live Interviews. Here’s my Top 10 of The Best of The Mernahuana Zone Interviews! There are over 420 hours of TMZ out there, so let us help you listen to the best. This is what it’s like to blaze with us at Vapor Central.

The Mernahuana Zone is webcast live on POT Network every Tuesday from 720-1020 EST or 420-720 PDT from Canada’s boldest and stoniest weedy lounge, Vapor Central. Enthusiasts may either attend in person or join us for a virtual session. TMZ involves dabs, boobs, penis and more marijuana than any dorm party you’ve ever been too. A session with cannabis champion of the world includes, but not limited to, political rants, dabs, marijuana strains, boobs and gonzo news.

10) Ten Porn Star Karlie Montana

This week on The Mernahuana Show, adult film star Karlie Montana, rants on Sir Richard Branson. We got plenty of toking and midnight joking. @Voodoopornstar @Karliemontana

9) Nine Cheryl Shuman

The Mernahuana Zone Aug 6 Cheryl Shuman @CherylShuman #113 The Martha Stewart of Marijuana Branding Media Expert Jetset Investor Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Beverly Hills, California · 90210 Tune in to The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday August 6 at 720pm (east) or 420pm (west) on The Pot TV Network or be part of our stoned studio audience at Vapor Central. 

8) Eight Don Ray Band

It’s rare to find recording artists that are as engaging and interactive with an audience as the Don Ray Band. Their musical performance is absolutely stellar from start to finish. They are true entertainers that don’t quit, even after the last note rings. 

7) Seven Killin Time Band

The Killin’ Time Band is a party band rooted in the love of music.“We never lose site of the fact that we are lucky. We get paid to play music which is what we would all be doing regardless for free in our basements. So you always have to keep the big picture in sight and forget about the pettiness. No matter what went on that day when we get on stage and the engine starts clicking; these are my best friends in the world” Brad Hails, member of KTB, says it best and is quickly echoed by another KTB member Jaret Koop “We do what we love and we love what we do.”

6) Six Stoner Girls Guide

The Stoner Girls Are All About Things Like Drugs, Sex and Drum & Bass. Therefore Readers Must Be 18 yrs of Age or Older.

5) Five The World Class Cannabis Cafe

An odd number, Five. Five has overcome a lot of personal setbacks in the past few years, most notably when it’s identity was stolen by a boyband. Once we achieved a serious liftoff The Mernahuana Zone reached out and called other lounges. Our first call was Oregon’s World Famous Cannabis Cafe and it went awesome.

4) Four Club 710 in Colorado

What can be said of Four? We got awesomely burned by Colorado Springs Club 710 who responded to our question We are as high as the CN Tower how high are you? They are about 6,000 feet in the mountains, that’s way higher than us. This is going to become a weekly segment. We call places where potheads in Toronto might be interested in visiting. Or just random potheads on our Skype.

3) Three Albert Nerenberg

Bronze goes, as always, to Three. The latest from Albert Nerenberg (@AlbertNerenberg). Laughologist, Filmmaker, Goofball. Director of the film Laughology. 

2) Two Adam Scorgie The Culture High

Continually pipped to the post and ending up with Silver, is Two. August 10th 2013 Matt Mernagh interviews filmmaker Adam Scorgie about his movies The Union (link) and The Culture High (coming soon) recorded at the Vapor Central studio

1) One Stoner Jesus

And Gold goes to: One. One won. One is honoured to have come top in this list. The Mernahuana Zone with My biblical hook up Stoner Jesus – host of the Stoner Jesus Show – will be contacting us to provide insider information on the papal conclave. Not sure if he is using Skype or the power of God to simply shout his information down from the heavens, we’ll have to wait and see. His people think he can appear at either 8 or 9pm.

The Mernahuana Zone is webcast every Tuesday on Pot TV Network in front of a stoned studio audience at Vapor Central from 720-1020 est or 420-720 pdt. Purchase Matt Mernagh Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains from Amazon or Indigo

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