Colorado Medical Marijuana Business Application Backlog Persists

Nearly 100 Colorado medical-marijuana businesses are operating without a finalized state license, the remnants of a bureaucratic backlog now stretching back more than three years.

In the language of the state Marijuana Enforcement Division, these businesses are “operational pending.” What that means is the businesses are allowed to remain open — growing and selling marijuana — while the state conducts its investigation and decides whether to approve or deny the applications the businesses submitted in 2010.

The state has made tremendous progress in clearing its backlog of pending applications — there were more than 900 of them a year ago — and hopes to eliminate the backlog this month.

But the issue has gained new attention after major Drug Enforcement Administration raids last month on medical-marijuana businesses in Colorado, including several operating under pending applications. Of the 96 pending applications for medical-marijuana stores, cultivation facilities and makers of products listed in state records, at least a dozen are tied to addresses raided or people targeted in the raids.

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