Medical Marijuana Privacy Concerns Spark Legal Action

A law firm in Halifax that is representing medical marijuana users has filed a class-action lawsuit against the federal government, arguing Health Canada outed them and violated their privacy.

Health Canada sent letters to about 40,000 people across the country to inform them of changes to the Marijuana Medical Access Program beginning April 1. The envelopes referred explicitly to the marijuana program and included users’ names and addresses.

Less than a week ago, some complainants came forward arguing that violates their privacy.

The McInnes Cooper law firm filed the class action in Federal Court on Monday.

It must be certified by a judge to proceed, and none of the allegations has been proven in court.

– Read the entire article at CBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    I am quite sure that if you were part of the 40,000 you are automatically part of the class action suit. There is an email that you can contact at McInnis Cooper and they will keep you up to date.

  2. bill on

    do u know how to become part of class action

  3. Anonymous on

    How do we join ?

  4. V.C. on

    How do i join?

  5. CanadianGiant on

    I urge anybody who was a victim of this botch-up, to join the class action lawsuit.