I Stopped Smoking Pot, and I Didn’t Go ‘Gaga’

Lady Gaga has been in the news a lot lately, and not just because of her SNL hosting stint. She has been making claims that she was addicted to marijuana, using 15-20 joints a day.

Of course, she also mentions that this was after a hip injury and during a time of anxiety related to said injury, so it’s entirely possible that her frequent marijuana use during this time was of the medical nature, and some might say its use prevented issues with having to take prescription drugs for the pain and anxiety.

Her, “my name is Gaga and I am a pot addict” moment has spurred all kinds of discussion about whether marijuana is addictive and the difference between “addiction” and “dependence” on a substance.

I won’t argue about someone’s personal experience, but before the Gaga article went viral, I had started my own little marijuana experiment that I would like to share. Now, this isn’t scientific. It is what we in the research field call a case study, which might provide some insight into the difference between addiction and dependence.

A few summers ago, I decided to give up caffeine. It was not causing any problems in my life, and there were no health reasons for me to stop my one cup of coffee in the morning. But, after waiting in a super long line at Starbucks the morning of a conference, I suddenly thought, “there are better ways to spend my time.”

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