I-502 Architect Argues For Medical Marijuana Home Growing

While making it clear that she believes the legal marijuana market for recreational use created by I-502, the initiative she and the ACLU created, can serve the needs of medical marijuana patients, Alison Holcomb nevertheless hopes the state will continue to allow home growing for patients.

Part history lesson and part legal dissection of case law surrounding collective gardens, Holcomb’s seven page letter is a response to the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s design for the medical market. The most controversial part of the board’s recommendation to the Legislature — which is the only entity that can change the medical pot law — has been the elimination of home growing and collective gardens.

Currently, according to the Department of Health, authorized patients can possess 24 ounces of useable cannabis, instead of just one ounce allowed in I-502. And, authorized patients can grow up to 15 plants.

If the Legislature disallows home-growing and mandates all marijuana must come from growers licensed under I-502 rules, then many cannabis patients worry they won’t have adequate access, the product will be too expensive and they won’t be able to get the kinds of cannabis that does them the most good.

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