Booze Industry Furious over Campaigns Saying Weed Safer than Alcohol

Booze lobbyists are becoming more and more pissed off at marijuana as legalization sweeps the country, the National Journal reported.

In the buildup to this weeks’ pot victory in Portland, Maine, the Marijuana Policy Project put up signs around the city which read: “I prefer marijuana over alcohol because it doesn’t make me rowdy or reckless,” and “I prefer marijuana over alcohol because it’s less harmful to my body.”

In response, the alcohol lobby freaked out. Chris Thorne at the Beer Institute told National Journal that it’s a red herring to compare alcohol to pot.

“We believe it’s misleading to compare marijuana to beer,” he said, “Beer is distinctly different both as a product and an industry. Factually speaking beer has been a welcome part of American life for a long time. The vast majority drinks responsibly, so having caricatures won’t really influence people,” he said.

However, according to, the alcohol industry is merely “whining” because they fear competition from marijuana. According ot the site, it’s actually the alcohol lobby that first began spending money and running campaigns to demonize recreational marijuana consumption.

– Read the entire article at AlterNet.



  1. Paulpot on

    “Factually speaking beer has been a welcome part of American life for a long time”.
    Since the end of alcohol prohibition.

  2. Low Rider on

    The vast majority of recreational users smoke responsibly. There has never been a level playing field when comparisons are made.